Request a
CANO refund

Notez que la période de remboursement de la CANO pour la session d’été 2024 était
du 29 avril au  27 mai 2024 inclusivement. La période est terminée et les demandes ne sont plus considérées.




We would like to remind you that BQAM-E has obtained the support of all student associations to receive the CANO and that maintaining your 1$ contribution contributes to the smooth running of the workshop and enables it to fulfill even better its mission to :

  • Promote the use of bicycles as a healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation;
  • Promote autonomy in urban transportation by providing an affordable space for the maintenance and repair of bicycles;
  • Support bicycle travel to downtown Montreal and make bike mechanics more accessible;
  • Use cycling as a tool for promoting equity and social justice between people of different cultures, genders and ages.

The workshop is available for free to everyone, so we encourage you to take advantage of it and consider maintaining your $1 fee.

If you wish to get a refund for your contribution, here is the procedure :

Vous devez remplir le formulaire entre le 29 avril et le 27 mai 2024 (requests submitted outside of these dates will not be processed) :

Your request will then be transmitted to UQAM's financial services, who we refund you during the semester.
To get the dates of the next refund period, please consult UQAM's calendars.

Note : in the form, it is important to use your UQAM permanent code, and not the one from the Ministère de l'éducation, which is different.

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