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Our mission

Since 2009, BQAM-E has a mission to

  • Promote the use of bicycles as a healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation;
  • Promote autonomy in urban transportation by providing an affordable space for the maintenance and repair of bicycles;
  • Support bicycle travel to downtown Montreal and make bike mechanics more accessible;
  • Use cycling as a tool for the promotion of equity and social justice between people of different cultures, genders and ages.

BQAM-E is part of the global trend for democratization of bicycle mechanics, along with many other montreal workshops.

BQAM-E est un groupe étudiant d’envergure.

To know more about our operating structure, look at our structure !

Membres du CA

Françoys Marinthe-Auger

Élu le 2023-10-11

Grégoire Bonnamour

Élu le 2023-10-11

Gabriel Thériault

Élu le 2023-10-11

Jean-Manuel Doran Penafiel

Élu le 2023-10-11

Vanessa Catania

élue le 2023-10-11

Laurent Perreault

Élu le 2024-04-04

Chanel Vincent-Dubé

Élu le 2023-04-04

Marie Lefèvre

Élue le 2024-04-04

There are up to 10 seats on the board, and we aim for each student association to be represented.
If you are interested, you can learn more here, contact us, or show up at the next AG!

Roule avec BQAM-E !

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