Services and Equipment


Here at BQAM-E, volunteers are there to support you through your repairs, answer you questions and give you advice and information about the available tools!

During opening hours, there is always at least one (and often many) volunteers on the floor.

You do not need mechanical experience or knowledge to come, you only need the curiosity and desire to learn how to do things yourself!

Experienced mechanics will also find everything they need.

Please note that we do not offer bike repairs services.

We also offer trainings and courseswhich range from an initiation course to more specialized training. Follow our social medias or newsletter to stay up to date about the events!

On Tuesdays, the space is in chosen gender-mix (which means it is for women and gender-diverse people), both for users and volunteers.

Available tools

The workshop has 8 work stations of various heights, which can accomodate most types of bikes.

Theres is a large workshop and vast array of general and specialized tools. Some of them will need supervision from a volunteer.
Certains de ces outils nécessiteront une assistance des bénévoles.

There will be safety equipment at your disposal as well as protective clothing.

Parts for sale

We have a wide variety of second-hand parts, on a Pay What You Can basis (i. e. you choose how much you pay).

We also have new parts in store.

If you're looking for something we do not have in store, members have the opportunity to order parts from our suppliers.

All purchases are cash only.

We also have a Pay What You Can zine library!

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